For you to see the body you’ve always wanted!

The 3D simulator is a very advanced technology designed for patients who want to have cosmetic surgery. In other words, this is an innovative tool that allows you to view the results of an aesthetic surgery even before surgery!

There are many benefits of 3D simulation that can simulate and see the result of the desired surgery: rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, lipofilling, botox…. Indeed, technology can anticipate the results and thus eliminate doubts about the choice of the size or shape desired by the patient.

The 3D simulation tool examines several specific aspects in moments when consulting to provide a realistic simulation of the complete results to predict without waiting!

First, the patient can see the results and discover its new look during a consultation with different clothes and different positions: shirts, neck, bikini, front, above, below, profile…

On the other hand, 3D simulation allows observing the differences between the results based on the shapes and contours regardless of the performance: breast implants, rhinoplasty, liposuction…

Indeed, the results provided are complete and well detailed so that the patient can see his future body changed with different sizes and shapes depending on the patient’s wishes.

The 3D simulator also applies its own recommendations based on the desired action and sends the images with different options to consider seeing the difference by ensuring that these recommendations are consistent and compatible with the patient’s current measures.

Finally, this procedure must be performed by a specialist in plastic surgery. It should be mentioned that actual results may vary. It is advisable to discuss with your doctor about your expectations for surgery.

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