Peelings, principle of treatment

Peelings au Maroc

The peel consists of applying a chemical substance (glycolic acid or TCA) to the skin. The peeling will cause more or less discreet desquamation depending on the concentration of product used. The skin will thus renew itself and appear free of its imperfections.

The choice of the concentration of the peel will depend on the texture of the skin and the expected result.

After 4 sessions spaced 15 days apart, the superficial peels allow a progressive result as the sessions progress on the radiance of the skin, the refinement of the skin texture (tightened pores) and the reduction of imperfections

Medium peels in one or two sessions depending on their concentration, will allow a deeper action and in addition erase imperfections such as spots, fine lines.

In the case of a superficial peel, redness may appear immediately, it will gradually disappear in the hours following the peel. The desquamation is invisible to the naked eye, it does not cause social discomfort. Twice daily application of a moisturizer is prescribed. The use of skin protection with a total screen (sunscreen) is recommended.

After a medium peel, the skin turns brown and flaking occurs 2 to 3 days after for a few days. A social eviction of 4 to 5 days will be considered.

For a harmonious result in the management of skin aging, treatment with hyaluronic acid can be combined with other cosmetic procedures (mesolift, laser treatment, injection of botox and hyaluronic acid, peeling).